Below is a checklist of items you need to put on your to-do list when selling a home. If you have any questions. Please feel free to call me or my assistant, Lianne.

  • Current Real Property Report (RPR) - this is a legal land survey
  • Home in selling condition - clean, curb appeal, maintained
  • Lawyer information
  • Organize moving boxes, moving truck, moving friends
  • Plan for moving of pets and notify veterinarian’s office
  • Notify pet license authority
  • Change of address with post office to forward mail
  • Final gas, water and electricity meter readings and closing of accounts
  • Notice to TV, telephone, internet, and cell phone service companies
  • Notice to gardening, newspaper and other home services
  • Update magazine, book club, organization subscriptions
  • Update credit card, financial institutions, and department store accounts
  • Update social club, church and gymnasium memberships
  • Update provincial health care account, physicians offices
  • Update medical, dental and optical accounts
  • Update home, car and life insurance
  • Notify schools
  • Notify alarm company
  • Leave keys, alarm codes, garage door openers, mailbox key & box #


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